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Psyche Trix

'Psyche Trix' is an app to be a better human. with 100+ (and adding more) psychological tips, tricks, and facts to become a good human being and learn how to treat others.

  • Get interesting tips.

  • Save those tips to your favorites for future reference.

  • Share any tips with your friends with just 1 tap.

BMI Calculator

Simple Body Mass Index Calculator

Calculate BMI in metric or imperial.

  • Metric Mode (cm, kg)

  • Imperial Mode (ft, in, lbs)

  • BMI Categories chart


Use 'Bored?' to never get bored ever again !!!

Let's face it BOREDOM is the biggest real-life problem in our world it is not a worldwide virus or personal fitness it happens to everyone whether he/she is a 10-year-old kid or a 70-year-old man.

Why not use our app to never get bored ever again.

  • Get customized tasks to keep yourself busy

  • Get jokes on categories you like

  • Listen to cool facts on numbers & maths

  • Share these with your friends with just 1 tap

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors, is a very famous game which you might have enjoyed with your friends but now it is the time to enjoy the same game with your phone. This Rock Paper Scissors game is very interesting and fun to play a game against the computer.

  • Play a game against the computer

  • Enjoy smooth music while gaming

Chemical Science

Chemical Science, a free and easy way to learn basic chemistry !!

The app consists of:

  • Full periodic table

  • All basic information about all elements of the periodic table

  • Electronic configurations of 20 elements